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New User-Header & Pics! WOO!

2007-10-21 01:07:24 by DJkazuya

I'm so awesome. PHOTOSHOP FTW!!!

Comments plzkthnxbai.

Check the latest!

2007-10-09 06:47:36 by DJkazuya

Well, just thought i'd update on my last post which was... a long time ago, thats all i know, with more of my recent art. So, heres one i made around a week ago, called: "The Depths Of Darkness"

The Depths Of Darkness

Hope you like guys like it...

Just a piece i made when i was bored. i thought i'd do some photoshop and whilefooling around with it, i got this! It turned out pretty good!

One Hell Of A Street...

Um...Enjoy? ~_-

First Blog post!

2007-07-18 05:50:16 by DJkazuya

Well, since this is my first blog post, i think i should list what i've currently been up to!

One of my best friends told me about a very awesome song by a british artist by the name of "Paolo Nutini", who sings, Jenny don't be hasty. I was sceptical about getting it at first, but once i did i didn't regret it. It sounds sort of crummy and "sub-urbish", but its got a great beat, lyrics, and i enjoy it alot!

Um... In my math class at school we are currently on the subject of Pythagoras Therom, which is that no matter what size, type or shape a triangle is, the hypotenuse will always be the largest side of the triangle (please correct if i'm wrong). I think i'm doing ok with it, some parts are a little bit complicated but i manage to stick with it. Here's a basic formula just so you guys can get the basic idea. (for those who aren't pas 9th grade mathmatics... under the australian school system)

c = a2 + b2 (2's are squared)
c = 10'2 + 14'2
c = 100 + 196
c= Square root of 296.
c= 17.20 (which is the final answer, and therfore, the hypotonuse.

Also, my Photoshop and imageready skills are improving alot, learning alot of new techniques lately...

And last of all, my very n00bish flash's are actually getting better!
Nothing is in the works at the moment, but i'm currently practicing up on my anime with flash.

Expect an update soon!

Darcy AKA, DJ Kazuya